Past IPSR Doctoral Research Fellows

Photo of Tamara Handy

Tamara Handy

Special Education

Advisor(s): Elizabeth Kozleski
   IPSR, Special Education

Tom Skrtic
   Special Education

Participation Year: 2016-17

Tamara's research interests broadly address establishing inclusive schooling systems in post-war settings. To this end, her research focuses on students who are marginalized in public education, due to minority ethnic status, low socioeconomic status, gender and dis/ability. Tamara's research work seeks to understand how individuals and communities post war engage with formal learning and teaching, and through this critical understanding make visible the practices and processes within current school systems that perpetuate and maintain marginalization. In developing this deep and expansive understanding of how schools function war torn vulnerable communities, her research seeks to dismantle systemic marginalization and re-establish school systems that are inclusive which are firmly grounded on equity and social justice agendas.

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