Past IPSR Doctoral Research Fellows

Photo of ByeongDon Oh

ByeongDon Oh


Advisor(s): ChangHwan Kim
   IPSR, Sociology

Participation Year: 2017-18

ByeongDon is specialized in the areas of social stratification, education, labor market, race/ethnicity, and quantitative methodology. His doctoral research focuses on stratification in higher education and its impact on rising income inequality in the 21st century. Byeongdon has studied the influence of family background on educational inequality among adolescents in the United States, South Korea, and other countries around world. He is also currently working as a project manager for the Center for Migration Research at the University of Kansas. The common concern of his research is to reveal how undesirable socioeconomic inequality has been reproduced in our society. Methodologically, he is interested in quantitative analysis.

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