Past IPSR Doctoral Research Fellows

Photo of Pere DeRoy

Pere DeRoy

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Advisor(s): Hannah Britton
   IPSR, Political Science, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Participation Year: 2020-21

Pere DeRoy is a third year doctoral student in Women, Gender & Sexuality with a concentration in Public Policy and Administration. Pere’s research explores how current anti-trafficking policy responses have affected high rates of interpersonal and structural gender-based violence in Guyana and Haiti, located in the Caribbean. This research sits at the intersection of deconstructing the nature and consequences of the global and local political economy, gender socialization and public policy formation. Pere intends research findings to contribute to the amelioration of gender-based violence, and to inform a bottom-up anti-trafficking framework that is rooted in grassroots interpretations, meanings and definitions of lived experiences, desires and aspirations.

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